About the Society


As chair you are the spokesperson for the society and represent the society at any events such as at LEN. You will need to attend Chairs council meetings as well as stay up to date with the union. You will be deciding events to run and the progress of society by setting agendas, targets and deadlines.

You must ensures that the committee members are fulfilling their roles and on track with progress.


You job is to support the chair for the smooth functioning of the committee. You must manage society emails, organise society meetings taking minutes during both meetings and debriefs, keep on top of the current agenda and up to date admin documents, as well as ensure Events books all rooms on time.

Events Coordinator

You will be ensuring events run smoothly, overseeing the process from inception to execution. You must be always looking for interesting Localhost Events and topics to include in future workshops and code and chills and work with Outreach Officer and Treasurer to secure funding for events.

Media Officer

As Media Officer you will be writing the fortnightly Newsletter, making frequent high quality posts to the Facebook Page (inc marketing events), creating flyers and marketing content to be used online and on Facebook as well as managing the TechSoc Discord.

Projects Officer

Projects Officer is in charge of spearheading the TechSoc Projects scheme. You will be developing teaching plans and resources for new and exciting technologies to teach. You must ensure sign ups are posted to facebook and website and liaise with Events and Media to ensure your projects are well marketed.

Sponsorships Officer

Reaches out to companies known for sponsoring technology events, hackathons and societies Sponsorships and Partnerships Grant applications, maintains relationships with companies, departments, other tech societies, and speakers

Software Officer

Maintaining the website:

  • Receives instruction on features to be implemented from Chair
  • Receives and updates stash information and images from Treasurer to be listed on website
  • Receives and updates information and resources on projects from Projects Officer
  • Refers to branding guide to keep website design consistent
  • Designs, tests and implements features
  • Maintains and updates current technologies of the website (JS, Sass, Gulp, Browserify, PHP, MySQL)
  • Manages web server, domain name provider and email server (currently through AWS and GoDaddy)
  • Adds material from workshop sessions and events to relevant website pages

Hardware Officer

Your role is to oversee and promote the use of hardware during events and projects. Ideally you will be proficient in embedded systems and electronics with a passion for innovative use of modern hardware for the purpose of learning.